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BlackUnicorn Family

Your journey home begins now! We are here to make the transition home possible. Ghana is waiting for you!

Thank you for Ordering the Silver Package Relocation Service

With the Silver Relocation Package we provide you with 30 days of contiunous service till you find your rental home. Easing your repatriation journey to Ghana. We understand the importance of customer service and the frustration that can arise when searching for a place to live. Due to this we are committed to providing exceptional service for the Diaspora. The Silver Package includes:


  • 1:1 customer service 
  • Pre-arrival consultation on the rental market in Ghana
  • Pick-up / Drop-off for home viewings


  • 30 days of personal home guidance
  • Akwaaba to Ghana gift
  • Frequent communication & updates





  • Videos of interior / exterior
  • Information on Neighborhood
  • Transportation to all home viewings

How it Works 

Within 24hrs of making the payment you will receive an email from the BlackUnicorn team. Confirming payment and providing details on the process moving forward. We are excited to be working with you and look forward to meeting you in person, to welcome you Home to Ghana!