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BlackUnicorn Properties based in Accra provides full-service support and attention to detail in helping the Diaspora repatriate to Ghana

Rental Properties

We assist the Diaspora in finding a rental home in Accra and repatriating to Ghana.

Guide Book on Living in Ghana

Curated e-book for Diaspora interested in living and renting a home in Ghana.

Guidance on Land buying in Ghana

We provide guided assistance with understanding the aquisition of land while providing development opportunities.

Real Estate Investment

We assist with residential property and land investment for the Diaspora

Rental Services

BlackUnicorn Properties offers rental homes for the budget conscious Diaspora who desire to move to Ghana. We are here to answer the questions you have about moving and to help you find the perfect home in Ghana

land acquisition Services

Unlike most places in the West purchasing land is not a well defined process in Africa. In Ghana buying land can come with a multitude of obstacles from the double selling of one plot of land to multiple people, to cheiftency battles and unscrupulous land guards, to never properly registering the land with the land’s commission resulting in the buyer not having legal ownership of the land under Ghanaian law.

BlackUnicorn Properties has ownership of the land we sale and ensures that buyers land is registered with the lands commission. 


Available Land

Lush and fertile land available for purchase in the Central region of Ghana close to the beautiful coastline. The land is ideal for a residential home and growing your own food. It’s easy to tap into fresh water and the area has electricity. Reach out to us to learn more.

Oceanfront Land

Beautiful oceanfront land over looking the Gulf of Guinea in Ghana’s central region is available for purchase. The land is ideal for your residential dream home in Africa.  This area is best suited for those who desire a quiet retreat while listening to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Reach out to us to learn more.

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