Finding out who owns land and has it registered with the Land’s commission in Ghana can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. For the past few years you would have to go to the survey & mapping division and public & vested land management division and the land registration division. Which required three separate searches and payment for each. It has caused a bit of confusion and annoyance for those purchasing land across the country. Due to a multitude of factors like time it takes to receive the search and not knowing that the lands commission split into three parts but are still housed in the same building. 

In an effort to streamline processes some of the services at the land’s commission in Accra are being digitized. As a result the Land’s commission in Greater Accra will no longer issue separate searches to prospective buyers. On October 1, 2021 all search reports are said to be digitized and will be distributed in a single land search report and all searches can now be done online on the lands commission website. Time will tell if the service will work as intended. 

Why should you care about this change? Buying land in Ghana is nothing like in the West and land disputes are perpetual in this part of the world. In order to avoid getting caught up in all this it is recommended that a land search be done. However not all land has been registered with the lands commission and may produce null results. Most real estate developers in Ghana sell land that is litigation free and registered under the company name or the name of the directors. Allowing for you to purchase land without legal issues arising later. We can assist you with purchasing land and building in the central region. As land purchased with BlackUnicorn Properties are litigation free and duly registered with the lands commission.   

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