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Building in Ghana, What Should you Ship?

Inflation is the song heard around the world as a result of the pandemic but know where is it more apparent than in Ghana. Where prices of building materials increase by the hour and the day. With such volatile pricing of essential commodities needed to make a house a home and the very low quality […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Ghana Before Moving

An explosion of content about and on Africa has taken place via social media since 2019. With 100s of youtubers creating content about Ghana alone! It can be very easy to get caught up in the hype, glamour and excitement of it all from afar. As you watch exotic destinations, unique food and bustling streets […]

So You Want to Get a Mortgage in Ghana? Five Things You Need to Know

Africa has been a cash based society for centuries. People have bought land and built homes all based on the money they had available to them. In Ghana people can buy land and build homes in small increments over long periods of time based on the money they have available to use on the build. […]

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