An explosion of content about and on Africa has taken place via social media since 2019. With 100s of youtubers creating content about Ghana alone! It can be very easy to get caught up in the hype, glamour and excitement of it all from afar. As you watch exotic destinations, unique food and bustling streets unfold before your eyes on the TV. You start watching all the videos you can find on Ghana and gravitate towards the Youtubers with the most subscribers, because naturally they must be experts because they have such a big following. You buy into the land grab mania and ‘it’s so cheap to live here’ rhetoric. Leading you down an unknown path. At BlackUnicorn Properties we have helped dozens of families, couples, and singles move to Ghana and we have seen some fail and some be highly successful in Ghana. 

Here are five reasons why you should visit Ghana before moving:

  1. New Continent – For many moving to Ghana this will be their first time coming to the continent of Africa. Unlike many western countries in North America, Europe and Australia where the infrastructure, laws, access to services are very similar. Most of these things are non-existent and severely lacking in Africa. In Ghana very few places have infrastructure such as paved roads, access to internet, steady access to electricity and water. It can be extremely shocking to have to deal with no electricity for 10 hours or more for someone coming from the west. Visiting Ghana and venturing out of Accra will expose you to some of the everyday challenges faced when you live in Ghana. 
  1. Things do not work the same way they do where you’re from – American / British / western laws do not apply in Ghana. Therefore, only laws created and enforced by the Republic of Ghana are valid within the country of Ghana. Moreover, it is almost impossible to get a straight answer from anyone the 1st time you ask in Ghana. The culture just does not work in that manner. Instead everyone is a jack of all trades! If you are the sue happy type you will be sorely disappointed in Ghana. Your money will be chopped and you will never see it again! Take time to learn how things work before jumping the gun and moving to Ghana blindfolded.
  1. Cultural differences – Ghana is a culturally rich country with cultures within cultures. It is a deeply complex society that is 100% patriarchal. Making it hard for someone to solely watch videos and joining facebook groups to know and understand what it means to live in Ghana. The food is completely different then what you are used to, the manner in which business occurs is the complete opposite of what you have been exposed to, and how people interact with each other is also different. Americans especially have a hard time adjusting as they cannot seem to part with the need to control everything and rushing all the time. Which is why it’s very important to visit Ghana. 
  1. Buying or Renting – in Ghana is not for the faint of heart. There is absolutely no enforcement of real estate property laws in Ghana. Knowing this is so important when deciding if you want to buy land or a home in Africa. Property values are not based on an established system but is up to the developer or property owner to decide how much to sell it for. Almost all property is priced in US dollars and at extremely high prices. A beachfront property along the coast nestled in a village can be priced between $30,000 – $250,000 for one plot. Rental rates are just as volatile for example a 4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom single family home in East legon renting for $3,000 US dollars per month. When you can find a similar house in quality, size and structure in Weija for 4,000 Ghana cedis per month. Both homes are in the greater Accra region yet priced vastly differently. This is very common!
    5.) Accra is expensive, Ghana is one of the most expensive countries in Africa – Keep in mind that it is more expensive to live in Accra then it is to live in Chicago, London or Berlin! That means your local currency will be used up very fast in Ghana. Accra is by far the most expensive city to live in Ghana, followed closely by Cape Coast. When you move to Ghana the cost of living, schools for your kids, transportation and other factors all need to be considered. Especially with a country that has a constant rise in inflation! 

At BlackUnicorn Properties we encourage all our clients to try and visit Ghana before buying property in any region. If you must put down a deposit on the property you should at least try to come to Ghana to see the property before completing the full payment. That way you know you are getting what you want. Remember contracts made in Ghana are held to account only in Ghana. You cannot try to sue someone in your home country for business conducted in Ghana. No matter what you have heard on social media. We encourage you all to visit Ghana before you decide to uproot your family and move to Africa. Be wise, be mindful and come to Africa with your eyes wide open!

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