Course Module 1

Idea to Business

“we all start from the bottom and work our way up”

We begin with solitifying your business idea and/or choice of business to do in Ghana. By exploring what could work in this part of the world! Start by watching the lecture video followed by the supporting content video. Then move on to complete the assignment as much as you can. Notify me at once you do so I can review your submission and provide you wil useful feedback that can be applied to assist you with narrowing what type of business you can do in Ghana.

Business Checklist

Complete work sheet and submit it in the Google drive assignment folder; access link below.

Founder Bio & Business Description

Create a business description and founder(s) bio in a word document. Each founder bio should be limited to two paraghraghs, including each founders full name and individual bio.  Submit in the shared assignment folder in Google drive.


You Got this