An awakening has occurred resulting in an influx of those of African descent moving to the continent. From east africa, to Southern Africa, Central Africa and most popular West Africa. People are leaving the west in record numbers in search of peace, citizenship and land. There are some countries that do not allow foreigners to own land at all, some that only allow specific investment property to be owned with a local partner and places like Ghana that have little restriction on Foreigners owning land. In Ghana anyone can buy land! 

Almost all land in Ghana are leasehold lands. Which means that you own the land for the amount of years stated in your indenture (i.e. land documents). The max amount of years for a citizen of Ghana is 99 years and 50 years for a non-citizen. Everyone has a right to renew the terms of the lease in order to pass the property on to your descendants. Leasehold is a foreign concept to those in the West as it is completely opposite of capitalistic greed. In which Ghanaian’s remain the custodians of land in Ghana. Allowing you the privilege of owning, living and building whatever you want on your land. 

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