BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint Modules


Modules are made available on Sundays. Each module corresponds with the weekly activities.

Module Library

Week 1: Idea to Business

Explores the necessary steps to narrow down your focus and turn your idea into a business. 

Week 2: Adapting your Business to an African Context

Gain insight into cultural and regional differences when starting a business in Africa.

Week 3: Building Teams

At some point we all need help with our business. That is especially true in Africa. Learn about employment options for your business.

Week 4: UNDG Sustainable Contract

In Africa the UN sustainable goals are aligned to all areas of business. Learn how to align them to your business.  

Week 5: Bootstrapping Your African Business

Gain insight on using your own money to run your business and how venture capital funding works for start-ups.

Week 6: Business Registration

Business registration in Ghana is very unique. Learn how to register and what type of registration you need for your business.

Week 7: Pitch 101

Dive into the importance of pitching your business to anyone, anywhere. Learn how to pitch.

Week 8: Mutliple Income Streams

Understand the importance of having various ways to make money. There are no safety nets in Africa!

Week 9: Securing Your Customer Base

Learn how social media can be used to test the market and secure customers for your business.

Week 10: Conquering Your Fear

Explore why fear is good and how not to let it stop you from making bold moves.

Week 11: Business for Residency

Practical guidance on obtaining residency in a way that can lead to citizenship.

Week 12: Scaling Your African Business

In this module we explore what it takes to be an independent consultant in Africa. Learn how to get started.