BlackUnicorn Business BluePrint


Dymistifying what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Africa. Curated remote 1st business & entrepreneurship development for Black People.

Business Coaching & Mentoring for Africans 

The Blackunicorn Business Blueprint has been designed as a remote first startup incubator for people of African decent. This program allows for individual founders to learn how to be successful entrepreneurs in Ghana. Our program is selective and only open to a small number of Black entrepreneurs who are serious, focused, and determined to have a thriving business in Afirca. The BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint prepares entrepreneurs to be highly effective BlackUnicorn founders who can interact and do business with any ethnic, racial and cultural groups. Providing services that trancend borders, contributes to the local economy, and has an international presence. Selected entrepreneurs will participate in a remote 3 month intensive stratup incubator bootcamp as part of the BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint. Selection criteria requires that the entrepreneur lives in Ghana or plans to live in Ghana within the next 18 months; Be committed to refining a business idea and turning it into a business in Ghana; have a mindset of assisting in the development of Ghana through local job creation and community impact; Can committ 90 days to actively participate in the cohort by attending the required webinars, 1:1 coaching and  completing the Blueprint assignments; entrepreneur must be of African descent (African, Black).

Entrepreneurship Mentoring

  • Start-up guidance & mentoring 
  • Feedback given for all Blueprint assignments
  • Refine your business idea
  • Understand the complexity of entrepreneuership
  • Learn to pitch like a boss
  • Master how to pivot 

Business Coaching

  • Blueprint for a Successful Business Launch in Ghana
  • Group Business coaching 
  • Learn how to find a co-founder 
  • Learn how to build & grow teams
  • Understand how business is done in Ghana
  • Business registration guidance

Business Blueprint Modules

Land Size and Survey

Explore how land is allocated and sold in Ghana. Gain an understanding of the land survey process.

Money & Banking Module

In this module you will get an understanding of African financial systems and how not to run out of money and more. 

Business Attitude in Africa

Gain insight on how business operates in Africa. Learn from real world scenarios on being successful as business owner in Africa. 

Real Estate Investment Basics

Explore potential real estate investment options in Africa. Learn 7 opportunities to invest in now.

Pros & Cons of Buying from a Developer

Gain insight on the real cost, restrictions, and benefits of buying a home from an estate developer.

Debt & Credit Module

Explore how credit and debit work outside of the west. Understand how this may impact your ability to own property & a business in Africa.

Selective Admission is capped per cohort  

BlackUnicorn Properties

BlackUnicorn Properties offers rental homes for the budget conscious Diaspora who desire to move to Ghana. We are here to answer the questions you have about moving and to help you find the perfect home in Ghana. 

Wondering where to start to prepare for your move to Ghana?

It can be difficult to find all the information you need about moving and living in Ghana. Some of the Ghanaian government & real estate websites are outdated or do not provide enough information. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana’ e-book.

Do you have to be a permanent resident or working to live in Ghana?

No! You can rent a home or buy land and build your house all without having Ghanaian citizenship, permanent residency, or a job in Ghana. 

Should I ship my stuff to Ghana?

Depending on your preferences and taste you can ship your furniture, appliances and other belongings, or you can buy everything to fill your home in Ghana. Ghana has a lot to chose from and great quality!

How does renting in Ghana work?

Moving to Ghana is not an easy task nor is it straight foward. The rental experience here is based on the culture and the people and is completely different then how things are done in North America, Europe or the United Kingdom. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana.

Is Ghana safe to live?

Yes!! Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. Violent crime is very low and you can walk freely wherever you want.