Inflation is the song heard around the world as a result of the pandemic but know where is it more apparent than in Ghana. Where prices of building materials increase by the hour and the day. With such volatile pricing of essential commodities needed to make a house a home and the very low quality of most goods in Ghana it could be beneficial to ship items from your country of origin to Africa. At BlackUnicorn Properties we have found that the following items could be beneficial to ship over:

  1. Solar panels and equipment – The availability of solar panels and solar related products have decreased slightly in price and increased in availability across the United States and other countries in the west. Making it cheaper and easier to get access to the quality and quantity you may need for your building project. While still utilizing the technical talent in Ghana for the installation and maintenance of your solar system in Ghana. You can buy solar in Ghana but the use of solar is influx due to its competitiveness with the National electric company. Thereby causing shortages of stock and other unnecessary set backs to being able to use solar in your own home.
  2. Unique, hard to find or custom tiles – Although there are excellent high quality tile makers and installers in Ghana you may want to incorporate glass tiles into your decor, or beautiful hand painted tex-mex tiles into your home decor, you can do this by shipping over the quantity plus a bit more for your own build. This will allow you a bit more options than you would normally find in Ghana. 
  3. Taps, Sinks, bathtubs – Naturally you can find all the fittings and fixture you need for your bathrooms in Ghana but the quality is extremely poor no matter how hefty the price tag. Due to the tropical climate and sentiments being in the water, bathroom taps and showers fittings rust and/or spoil quickly. You can mitigate this by shipping over better quality bathroom and kitchen fittings that will last much longer. Additionally if you’re like me and love the farmhouse sink, you can forget about finding a quality one in Ghana! However, you can find them easily in the west from brand new to vintage antiques that you can bring with you. Not to mention a lovely soaking tub that you absolutely love would be a good idea to ship over to Ghana for your home build.
  4. Windows and Screen doors – Now this one may be a bit controversial since there are many window makers in Ghana. This is very true and they are excellent at what they do. However, if you are wanting a very particular style of window or window casing it may be good to get them made abroad and shipped to Ghana. You can then have the masons make adjustments to fit your windows into your new home build. The same is true for custom screen doors that are not made in Ghana and not familiar to the tradesmen locally. It could save you time and money over the long run. 
  5. Smart devices like home cameras, doorbells, and other security devices that are connected to an app over the internet. More and more of these devices can be found in Ghana but the selection is limited and the price is sky high! Depending on how you plan on protecting your home this may be helpful to you.

Over the past five years more and more stores and suppliers have spring up across Ghana offering a variety of home building items and commodities to limit the need for importing items into Ghana. However, the quality of these items are not even close to what you can and will find in the States, UK, Germany, or Canada so there truly is no comparison. Yet, you will be able to build a home without importing anything from abroad. However, if your taste is a bit more selective and you value quality and longevity you may want to consider shipping a few items over for your home build in Ghana. I know I did 😉

If you need assistance with buying land in Ghana or relocating to Ghana please reach out to the BlackUnicorn Properties team!

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