Building in Ghana, What Should you Ship?

Inflation is the song heard around the world as a result of the pandemic but know where is it more apparent than in Ghana. Where prices of building materials increase by the hour and the day. With such volatile pricing of essential commodities needed to make a house a home and the very low quality […]

Uncompleted Structures in Ghana

When walking through almost any neighborhood in Ghana you are bound to come across uncompleted buildings. From residential to commercial buildings that can be in the construction stage from foundation to lintel. Typically these buildings have squatters living in them and are an eyesore due to the weeds and bushes that grow around and inside […]

Land Guards & the 2020 Land Act of Ghana

I’m sure by now you have heard about the notorious and almost legendary Ghana ‘Land Guards’ and you may even think you know who they are and what they do. If by chance you never heard of them let’s provide you with a little back story. For about a decade elders in Accra have been […]

Changes to Land Search in Accra

Finding out who owns land and has it registered with the Land’s commission in Ghana can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. For the past few years you would have to go to the survey & mapping division and public & vested land management division and the land registration division. Which required three separate […]

Can Foreigners Buy Land in Ghana

An awakening has occurred resulting in an influx of those of African descent moving to the continent. From east africa, to Southern Africa, Central Africa and most popular West Africa. People are leaving the west in record numbers in search of peace, citizenship and land. There are some countries that do not allow foreigners to […]

Homeowners Insurance in Ghana, Do You Need It?

 As you consider building your home in Ghana or buying a pre-built home you may be wondering if you need or even required to buy homeowner’s insurance in Ghana. The short answer is, No. Technically there is no law currently in Ghana that requires a residential home owner to have insurance. The Insurance Act, 2006 […]

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