BlackUnicorn Repatriation 

Relocation Registration & Payment



Eases the Transition

We dymistify moving and  finding a place to live in Ghana.

Registration & Payment 


We provide you with 60 days of continuous service once you arrive in Ghana and 30 days of virtual service before your move. Easing your repatriation journey to Ghana. We understand the importance of customer service and the frustration that can arise when searching for a place to live. Due to this we are committed to providing exceptional service for the Diaspora. 

$2500 payment will be processed today

Terms & Conditions are agreed to upon payment. 1.) Blackunicorn Properties will communicate only with the designated client(s) as agreed upon during the home guide consultation. 2.) Blackunicorn properties is not responsible for any payments beyond core services provided by Blackunicorn Properties. 3.) Only when the client is ready to move into a property will BlackUnicorn properties make arrangements with landlord/client for rental purposes. 4.) Client is responsible for full payment to landlord to secure property. 5.) BlackUnicorn Properties will not communicate with, update, email, engage or otherwise inform any family members or friends of the client in Ghana or abroad of any business details between the client, landlord, and BlackUnicorn Properties. 6.) All payments for services are final and non-refundable. Client can request to change travel dates etc (within reason) without incurring any additional fees. 7.) If client refuses or otherwise rejects more than five  properties found based on clients criteria BlackUnicorn has the right to terminate the contract immediately. 8.) If client fails to provide timely communication and/or changes the agreed upon location/area they would like to rent property in after property searches have conmennced, BlackUnicorn Properties has the right to refuse and/or terminate the contract immediately. 9.)BlackUnicorn Properties is not responsibe for decisions made by a landlord during the rental process or after the client enters into contract with the landlord. Client agrees to take up all concerns directly with the landlord.

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