BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint

Accra, Ghana

BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint

Is a 6 week intensive business incubator for people of African descent. We provide new founders with resources, guidance, and coaching needed to launch a successful business in Ghana.

Incubator Timeline

Application Opens –  Aug. 5

Application Closes –  Sep. 30

Program Starts –  Oct. 3

Program Ends – Nov. 13

Be Relentless

It’s Time

Demystifying what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Africa with curated remote 1st business & entrepreneurship development for Black People.

Begins October 3

BlackUnicorn business blueprint

Fully Remote
Business Incubator

The BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint is offered completely online. Allowing budding entrepreneurs between the ages of 27 to 57  the resources, guidance, and coaching needed to launch a successful business in Ghana.  This selective program is designed for those of African descent who are living in Ghana or plan to move to Ghana within 18 months of completing the program. Each cohort will be limited to a maximum of ten founders. Founders must already have a firm business idea and/or have a business they want to bring to Ghana. All businesses must have an online presence and technical component. The entire focus of the program is the development of Black Entrepreneurs and Black Businesses. Companies that are creating goods, products, and services that have a direct impact on the GDP of Ghana and an indirect positive social impact on local communities in Ghana.

Business development in Ghana has an immediate and positive impact on the Ghanaian economy.

Participation  Requirements

To ensure the success of the program and the impact on the founders the 6 week intensive incubator is capped to a maximum of ten founders per cohort. Founders will have a rigorous curricula that is directly aligned with turning an idea into a viable business in Africa. Entrepreneuer assignments and group work provide a solid business structure that is reinforced with weekly live coaching and mentoring sessions for the cohort. Each founder will learn to effectively pitch their business to potential investors and clients. All founders are required to complete an online application and interview for the BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint Incubator. Accepted Founders will then be required to make payment for the program.

  • Business must be in the area of E-learning, Fintech, RegTech, Property tech, Cybersecurity, Insurance tech, Export, E-Commerce and Fashion Tech, Software Applications / platforms.
  • Founders are required to participate in all coaching/mentoring sessions and willing to participate in group work with fellow founders.
  • Founders are willing to commit 15 -20 hours per week in building their business through participation in the BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint. 

  • All founders and co-founders must be of African descent / Black.
  • The business should be in the idea to pre-seed stage at time of acceptance into the cohort.
  • Founders must make every effort to complete business building work assignments on or before the due date to allow for timely feedback to be given. 
  • Founders are committed to operating the business in Ghana.
  • Max of 1 to 2 founders per company (payment is per business)

Building teams


Scaling your African business


Turn your Idea into a Business


Securing your customer base


Bootstrapping your African Business


Diversify Your Business with Multiple Income Streams


Conquer your Fears


Pitch Like a Boss


Use your business to get residency in Ghana

Adapting your business to an African context

Business Registration & Operations 


UN sustainable goals & contracts


Mentor & Facilitator

Professor Khallai Taylor, is the founder and lead consultant for RegTheory a cybersecurity consultancy and training firm based in Accra, Amsterdam and Chicago. She has 18+ years as a technologist, academic, and an advocate for women in technology. Khallai has served as a Professor and undergraduate Dean of Engineering & Computer Science in America and spearheaded the inaugural cybersecurity bootcamp for the US Coast Guard in partnership with the Department of Defense and the city of Chicago. Khallai has worked in the FinTech sector in Berlin as a Product Evangelist, at IBM in Chicago as a Database specialist, was the founder of Simply Atecka a fully organic skin care line and is currently the co-Founder of BlackUnicorn Limited in Accra, Ghana. Due to Prof. Taylor’s expertise she speaks at conferences on API Security, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity in Europe, United States and Africa.

Prof. Khallai Taylor




Important Dates

Application Opens  –  Aug. 5, 2021

Application Closes –   Sep. 30, 2021

Program Starts –  Oct. 3, 2021

Program Ends – Nov. 13, 2021

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