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Explore the modules we have curated for the Diaspora who desire to move and invest in Africa. New content added weekly.

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Passport & Visa Module

In this module we talk about the importance of entry visas and passports for the family. How to get them and more.

Managing Expectations pt. 1 | Preparing to Live in a Developing Country

In this module we discover how too mentally prepare to live happily in Africa. 

Legal Migration to Africa | pt 1

In this module we explore what it takes to live in an African country. Starting with the visa process.

Real Estate Investment Basics

Explore potential real estate investment options in Africa. Learn 7 opportunities to invest in now.

Managing Expectations pt. 2 | Reality of Living in Africa

Understand how Africa is different then the West and how to happily live in Africa

Debt & Credit Module

Explore how credit and debit work outside of the west. Understand how this may impact your ability to own property & a business in Africa.

Business Attitude in Africa

Gain insight on how business operates in Africa. Learn from real world scenarios on being successful as business owner in Africa. 

Pros & Cons of Buying from a Developer

Gain insight on the real cost, restrictions, and benefits of buying a home from an estate developer.

Use Your Skills as a Consultant in Africa

In this module we explore what it takes to be an independent consultant in Africa. Learn how to get started.

Land Types in Ghana pt. 1

Deep dive into the different land types & titles that can be secured in Ghana. 

Transferable Skills in Africa

Gain insight on how and what skills are transferable to Africa. Allowing you the ability to make a living from your expertise.

Money & Banking Module

In this module you will get an understanding of African financial systems and how not to run out of money and more. 

Land Types in Ghana | pt. 2

Gain a deeper perspective of land types and tiles in Ghana. Understand important steps that cannot be skipped when buying land.

Communal Living for Single Mothers

Explore affordable and safe living options for single mothers and their children in Africa. Making moving to Africa a reality!

Mortgage or Build

Understand how mortagages work in Africa. Deep dive into a comparative analysis of building over time vs taking a mortgage in Ghana.

Winning Proposal for Government Contract

In Africa the UN sustainable goals are aligned to all areas of business. Learn how to align them to your business.  

Completion of Land Purchase

Understand when the land buying process is complete in Ghana. Due to the precarious nature of land acquition it is essential to know when you truly own the land.

Buying a Apartment Who Owns the Land

The current trend in Africa is the sell of apartment units, but who owns the land it sits on? Learn about it.

Land Guards

In this module gain an understanding of land guards in Ghana.


What you need to know to prepare for your move to Ghana. Explore the complexities of shipping and downsizing.

Land Size and Survey

Explore how land is allocated and sold in Ghana. Gain an understanding of the land survey process.

Land Renewal

Gain an understanding on how to ensure the land you purchased is passed on once the lease term ends.

eBook on Living and Moving to Ghana 

BlackUnicorn Properties

BlackUnicorn Properties offers rental homes for the budget conscious Diaspora who desire to move to Ghana. We are here to answer the questions you have about moving and to help you find the perfect home in Ghana. 

Wondering where to start to prepare for your move to Ghana?

It can be difficult to find all the information you need about moving and living in Ghana. Some of the Ghanaian government & real estate websites are outdated or do not provide enough information. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana’ e-book.

Do you have to be a permanent resident or working to live in Ghana?

No! You can rent a home or buy land and build your house all without having Ghanaian citizenship, permanent residency, or a job in Ghana. 

Should I ship my stuff to Ghana?

Depending on your preferences and taste you can ship your furniture, appliances and other belongings, or you can buy everything to fill your home in Ghana. Ghana has a lot to chose from and great quality!

How does renting in Ghana work?

Moving to Ghana is not an easy task nor is it straight foward. The rental experience here is based on the culture and the people and is completely different then how things are done in North America, Europe or the United Kingdom. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana.

Is Ghana safe to live?

Yes!! Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. Violent crime is very low and you can walk freely wherever you want.