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When will the live sessions take place

The live video conferencing group coaching  & mentoring will occur monthly on Sunday at 7:00 pm GMT / 2:00pm EST / 1:00pm CST  / 11:00am PST (dates will be provided)

Why is there a program fee

Business incubators that focus on tech based and/or related companies take between 10% to 70% of your business in shares for so-called free participation in the program. BlackUnicorn believes your business should be 100% yours and you should not have to give up any part of it to learn how to run a successful start-up and/or business in Africa. Therefore we charge a one time up front fee for the program. 

Why is there an age range for founders

The program works best with a diverse and relevant set of work skills. For the incubator we are looking for people with work experience across sectors and fields. In addition to a level of maturity and focus needed to be successful as a founder in the BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint but not yet ready to retire!

Do I have to be in Ghana for the Program

No, this is a fully online business incubator for solo founders or a team of 2 founders. Participation in the program does require that the founders register and launch a business in Africa within 48 months from joining the cohort.

What are the business building work assignments

A combination of research and written assignments. Such as competitor analysis, industry trends, growing teams, business tax in Ghana and abroad, business model, target market and other key factors necessary to start and launch a solid business. 

What Business topics will be covered

We will dive into topics including registering and running your business in Africa, business tax, branding, Africa free trade agreement and it’s benefits, pitching, funds to start a business, from idea to a real business and more.

How long is the program term

The BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint is a 11 week program. We will meet virtually on select Sundays.



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Important Dates

Application Opens: Feb. 15, 2022

Application Closes: Mar. 12, 2022

Program Starts: Mar. 13, 2022

Program Ends:  May 22, 2022