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After 400 years of forced bondage in strange lands, segregation, countless death and oppression it is time to reclaim our heritage and birthright as African descendants. It is time to come Back to Africa. 

We at BlackUnicorn understand this desire to come home and build generational wealth, have persistent peace and re-connect with the heritage that was taken from us. This is why we have created BlackUnicorn Limited in Ghana to assist the Diaspora with building businesses in Ghana, acquiring land and building a home in Ghana as well as providing training and education for the Diaspora returning home to the land of the Black Star!


BlackUnicorn Limited provides guidance for the Diaspora with starting a viable business in Africa and repatriating Services to Ghana.

BlackUnicorn Limited formed organically starting with a simple youtube channel that chronicle’s our co-founder’s repatriation to Ghana. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find the information needed about Ghana in one place to make the transition easier. Hence the formation of BlackUnicorn!

Fearless Leaders

Eben Aidoo

Eben Aidoo

COO, co-founder

Khallai Taylor

Khallai Taylor

CEO, co-founder

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