We offer the Diaspora the services and resources necessary to build successful businesses in Africa; Buy land and build in Africa; Learn technical skills for the 21st century global market. While providing you with unique made in Ghana products for your home.

What we do

We assist the Diaspora with uplifting, educating and establishing generational wealth in Africa. 


BlackUnicorn Academy offers fully remote cybersecurity and other tech courses for adults as well as cultural and repatriation courses for the Diaspora who desire to I’ve in Africa.

Real Estate

BlackUnicorn Properties provides guided assistance with the purchase and understanding of land acquisition in Ghana for Diaspora wanting a place to call home in Africa.


BlackUnicorn Business Blueprint is a fully remote business incubator for people of African Descent. We provide new founders with resources guidance, and coaching needed to launch a business in Ghana.

Tech for Kids

BlackUnicorn Academy offers engaging technical courses for kids ages 10-14 teaching them the fundamentals of programming and social digital literacy through programming applications. 

Residential Building

BlackUnicorn Properties assist our land clients with the ability to build their dream home with the construction and development arm of BlackUnicorn Properties. 


BlackUnicorn Store makes it possible for you to own a piece of Ghana with one of a kind made in Ghana Products. As well as e-books on living in Ghana.


In the land of the Black Star and the birth place of pan-africanism. It’s time to come Back to Africa!


Diaspora Impact

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee


Our company was created by a Diasporan & Ghanaian bridging the gap in land ownership, cultural differences, business development, education and the unknown across continents.



Ghana has consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in Africa. With a solid and stable currency and one of the fastest growing middle class in the world. Ghana is breathtakingly beautiful with 16 regions to explore and to call home!.


Faith and Opportunity only meet once in a lifetime! Take advantage of this unprecedented time in history in which we, as Black people, as people of African ancestry, heritage, and pride can come back to our home land and thrive in peace!

From Our Clients

We service the African Diaspora worldwide. Don’t take it from us, checkout what they have to say!

“Excellent guide for anyone planning to come and I’ve in Ghana!”

Daniel G.

Translator, British-Ghanaian Diaspora, England

“I found the program informative..The program is broken down into steps to take your business from idea to operation. I highly recommend the Blackunicorn Business Blueprint.”

Mechia W.

Pre-K Teacher, African-American Diaspora, USA

“The program taught me cultural differences between France and Ghana..I think it helpful to do the program before starting your business in Ghana.”

Guillaume O.

Software Developer, African-European Diaspora, France

“Thank you for what you’re doing! My wife and I have been waiting for something like this for 15 years since we first visited Ghana.”

The Hunt's

Retired, African-American Diaspora, USA

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