Service We Provide

We offer homes for the budget conscious Diaspora who desire to move to Ghana and live amongst Ghanaians. 

Why Us

Bridging the Gap

Created by a Diasporan & Ghanaian bridging the gap in the real estate market across continents

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How it  Works

The best way to find a rental in Ghana is to go to the neighborhood you want and to start walking through it looking for rental signs and asking the local people if they know of units for rent. We know that this is not possible or even viable for most people. Which is why we provide you with an idea of rental homes on the market. After speaking with you during the 45 minute Home Guide Consultation and understanding your needs, we then source properties that meet your requirements. Providing you with detailed information about the property, videos of the exterior and interior, and information about the neighborhood. Upon your arrival to Ghana we will take you to view the properties and guide you through the unique home rental experience in Ghana. Included in our flat fee for each package you will receive exceptional customer service, transparent and frequent communication, transportation to all properties, viewing of homes you select based on your criteria and more. Check out the type of properties available for rent in Ghana.

Locations We Service

Once we fully understand your requirements and needs in a new home. We begin to look for rental homes that may fit your criteria. We work with property owners located throughout the many neighborhoods that make up the Greater Accra Region. We also have the ability to find you the perfect rental in Kumasi. When sourcing rentals, we check the crime rates and how close the home is to a landfill or other organizations that may not be suitable to Iive close to. Allowing for you to have a positive experience with your home search.

What You Get

We are here to ease the journey for you and help you find a place to call home in Ghana.   We understand the importance of customer service and the frustration that can arise when searching for a place to live. Due to this we are committed to providing exceptional service for the Diaspora. 

  • Assistance with rent negotiation
  • 1:1 customer service 
  • Pre-arrival consultation on the rental market in Ghana
  • Pick-up / Drop-off for home viewings
  • Personalized home viewing itinerary
  • up to 90 days of personal guidance
  • Transportation to all home viewings
  • Frequent communication & updates
  • Private listing of homes that meet your criteria provided virtually for review
  • Videos of interior / exterior
  • Information on Neighborhood
  • Select access to the repatriation and cultural awareness courses within the BlackUnicorn Academy

Contact Us

Accra, Ghana

+233 27 090 3097