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1.5% Listing Fee

Pay 1.5% listing fee to sell with BlackUnicorn Properties and reach buyers in America, U.K., the Caribbean, Canada and Europe.

Reach 3x more Buyers

Our platform attracts more buyers from around the world then other real estate companies in Ghana. Your property is listed on our social media, featured in our newlestter and promoted on the website.

Transparent Sells Process

BlackUnicorn Properties provides sellers with a market analysis, timely updates and frequent communication. All for 8% commission upon sell of the property.


Online Tenancy Agreement

We can provide a digitized tenacy agreement between you and the tenant with electronic signatures. 


Clear Communication

We provide you with perspective buyer updates and other details on a regular basis. 


Virtual Viewing of Property

We provide perspective buyers with a full virtual tour of the property on our website and youtube channel. Reaching buyers in North America, Europe and Ghana.

How it Works for Sellers

At BlackUnicorn Properties we specialize in working with home owners living abroad. We work closely with you to understand your properties potential to sell. We provide you with a market analysis and consultation on your home after a property inspection. Allowing for us to work with you in listing your home for the best price that will attract buyers.

We also assist you in renting your home for one year while potential buyers are being prospected. Allowing for you to make money on the property instead of the property sitting empty.  


Selling property in Ghana is not the same as selling in the West. The time, effort, pre-screenings, site visits and many other resources go into the process. In order to offer a high level of customer service in addition to an online platform and video conference call updates we take a 1.5% upfront listing fee. Upon sell of the unit we take an 8% commission of the final sell rate of the property. We do not take any commission on home rentals.  

BlackUnicorn Properties understands the need for transparency and honesty.



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