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BlackUnicorn Properties based in Accra provides full-service support and attention to detail in helping the Diaspora find the perfect  home upon their repatriation to Ghana.

Our Services

Back to Africa Program

Guided immigration and repatriation program for discerning Diasporans as part of the BlackUnicorn Academy 

Rent Negotiation

We negotiate the rent for you to secure the best rental rate

Real Estate Investment

We assist with property and land investment for residential, commercial, or industrial use

Get the Guide Book on Living in Ghana

We Know What it Takes to Move to Ghana

With 35 years of experience in customer service, real estate, security and technology  we have a unique perspective on the repatriation process to Ghana. We are here to ease the journey for you and help you find a place to call home in the land of the Black Star.


3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom Duplex - $1000 per month

Located in the popular area of McCarthey Hill, which is 45 minutes from the airport. This duplex home is very spacious with beautiful unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city. 

2 bedroom Flat - $130 per month

Quaint top floor flat with lot’s of natural light and sea breeze. This cozy home is equipped with ceiling fans and 2 bathrooms.  The flat has security bars and a small balcony for you to sit and 

BlackUnicorn Academy Reviews

“Thank you for what you’re doing! my wife and I have been waiting for something like this for 15 years since we first visited Ghana.”

The Hunt’s.

African-American Diasporans

Diaspora eBook Reviews

“An excellent guide for those visiting and those thinking about moving to Ghana. I learned that Ghana is a homeowner society. Building a home is a viable option once you understand the process. The authors Khallai and Ebenezer provide specific knowledge and advice as well as resources. You must read this book if you’re seriously planning to move to Ghana.”

Sandra W.

African-American Diasporan

Diaspora eBook Reviews

“Wow, ok I was hesitant getting this book cause I thought I knew this already. Nope I was mistaken. So much information you never knew. Thanks so much, worth more than I paid.”

Tracey W.

African-American Diasporan

Diaspora eBook Reviews

“Excellent guide for anyone planning to come and live in Ghana!”

Daniel G.

Ghanaian-British Diasporan

Diaspora eBook Reviews

“Very good information. I would never think to ask the property owner some of the questions outlined in the book. It is a good resource.”

Karen B.

African-American Diasporan

Diaspora eBook Reviews

“Sister Khallai, your eBook “Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana” is amazing! It is informative, inspirational, concise and straight to the point. It has comforted me and eased many of my concerns and worries about such a drastic move…”

Francesca A.

African-American Diasporan

Let us Find You the Perfect Home

BlackUnicorn Properties offers rental homes for the budget conscious Diaspora who desire to move to Ghana. We are here to answer the questions you have about moving and to help you find the perfect home in Ghana. 

Wondering where to start to prepare for your move to Ghana?

It can be difficult to find all the information you need about moving and living in Ghana. Some of the Ghanaian government & real estate websites are outdated or do not provide enough information. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana’ e-book.

Do you have to be a permanent resident or working to live in Ghana?

No! You can rent a home or buy land and build your house all without having Ghanaian citizenship, permanent residency, or a job in Ghana. 

Should I ship my stuff to Ghana?

Depending on your preferences and taste you can ship your furniture, appliances and other belongings, or you can buy everything to fill your home in Ghana. Ghana has a lot to chose from and great quality!

How does renting in Ghana work?

Moving to Ghana is not an easy task nor is it straight foward. The rental experience here is based on the culture and the people and is completely different then how things are done in North America, Europe or the United Kingdom. We understand how frustrating this can be. Which is why we wrote a book about moving to Ghana. It breaks down everything you need to know from getting a visa to moving into your place. We cover it all in the ‘Your Guide to Renting a Home in Ghana.

Is Ghana safe to live?

Yes!! Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa. Violent crime is very low and you can walk freely wherever you want.

Accra, Ghana

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